Common Diseases for Older Women

As you turn 40 soon, it is important to stay informed about your health and you can do this by reading a list of diseases and their symptoms for older women. Also visit the doctor regularly and engage in preventative care on a refular basis. Here are some common illnesses among older women.
Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer
These cancers often strike older women although some younger women develop them. Once you turn 40 you should meet with your doctor to get a mammogram and get screened for ovarian cancer. These tests might catch early signs of breast or ovarian cancer so that you can get treated right away. If you have a family history of cancer, then you should especially get screened once a year.
This is another condition that is common among older women. If you’re experiencing blurry vision, frequent urination, constant thirst, sudden weight loss or swelling in your feet on a regular basis, you might have diabetes and you should visit the doctor.
Heart Disease
Many older women are likely to experience heart disease and heart attack in their lifetime. To keep your heart healthy you need to eat a balanced diet, exercise often and visit the doctor so he can monitor your heart’s health.